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  • Ultra Design Integrated Solutions is a company registered in the United Arab Emirates under the number (xxxxxxx)
  • Ultra Design Integrated Solutions is an effective investment in concept and performance.
  • We provide business applications that generate profits.
  • We offer white label platforms, websites, and hosting to start and profit from building apps.
  • We are active in the field of software, marketing, structural engineering and real estate marketing work. We seek to connect expertise and effective cadres in these fields.
  • We aspire to the participation of everyone in the work and our platforms to provide opportunities for everyone in the work and implementation of projects. God willing, we will continue to develop.
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What can we provide

* Establishing application building platforms for software enterprises and developers.

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* Provide applications for individuals and small, medium and large projects.
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Boulevard plaza tower 1,
Dubai , UAE


+971 50 350 6764



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